• September 8, 2021

As though the test of extricating energy from the waves wasn’t sufficient

Working couple with Hamilton’s group, a gathering of MBARI engineers drove by Jim Bellingham and Brett Hobson have been chipping away at a submerged “docking station” that will ultimately hang down underneath the power float. At the point when an AUV faculties that its batteries need charging, it will consequently home in on the docking station, plug itself in, download its information, re-energize its batteries, then, at that point, head out for its next mission. Hamilton says, “This is a definitive dream for the power float. We’re chipping away at the bits of it now.”

Up to this point, the AUV-docking group has assembled a non-controlled docking framework, and have been creating programming for MBARI’s long-range AUV with the goal that it can naturally find and park itself inside this “false dock.” They are likewise chipping away at the gadgets for the genuine charging dock. In field preliminaries, the AUV has entered the “counterfeit dock,” yet can’t yet do this reliably.

Power float floats in Monterey Bay

The power float floats in Monterey Bay at nightfall, with the Moss Landing power plant behind the scenes. Picture: Fran├žois Cazenave 2011 MBARI

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